Donate. Compete for your cause. If you WIN, they WIN.

Managing your fantasy team is now for a good cause

One of a kind, prizes from sports celebrities

Win or lose, you get a tax deduction



Sign up your league

Create a profile, sign up your league, and decide how much your league is going to donate.

Select a nonprofit

Pick a cause that you care about. Make your donation and receive a tax receipt. Then do your best to win your league.

Win your league & your nonprofit gets the cash

At the end of the fantasy season we deliver your league’s donation to the charity selected by the winning teams.


“I’ve been playing Fantasy Football with friends and teammates for a long time. And my wife and I have been supporting charities that help kids who are battling cancer, for even longer. If I win in our fantasy league, it will feel even better knowing the impact it will make.”
Greg Maddux, Baseball Hall of Fame - Class of 2014
“I know from personal experience the joy Operation Smile brings to kids around the world who were born with facial deformities. Please help put smiles on deserving kids’ faces by joining me in playing for Operation Smile this year in your Fantasy Football league.”
Mike Adams, Philadelphia Phillies
“Since my playing days, I’ve been commissioner of a salary cap fantasy football league. We are up to 90 guys now, most of them from baseball and it’s a lot of fun. I’m excited to be a part of launching this site and no matter who winds up as league champion this season, it will have a lot more meaning than it ever has before.”
John Burkett, MLB 1987 - 2003
“I hear from fans all the time about how I won or lost them their fantasy league. I’d love to also hear that because of that fantasy win, they had delivered a big check to help orphans in Haiti.”
David Nelson, NY Jets